The time zone for me is Africa,Dakar.

I chose the following slot: Friday,November 18 th, 5 PM.

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This is not how you schedule your session. Please follow the directions in the letter you were sent.

Dear Lucy,

I did open my page and click on the "discussion" link which is "rather "on the right side. I can see a page where I am asked to start a discussion but I can't see the "session bookinh link".Thanks in advance for giving me more explanations.

Best regards.

You are supposed to open up your original proposal because you will need information from there to book your session.

In another tab or window, you are supposed to open up the tool where you self-schedule:


You need to fill in the fields at with the information from your proposal. When you are finished, click on the confirm booking button and you will receive an email confirmation. 



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