Raising our game: How can research and leadership enhance what can be achieved in international virtual exchange?

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Teresa MacKinnon, Associate Professor

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University of Warwick/Erasmus Plus Virtual Exchange /EVOLVE

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Educators and administrators in Schools, Colleges and Higher Education

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Raising our game: How can research and leadership enhance what can be achieved in international virtual exchange?

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Virtual Exchange (sometimes known as Online Intercultural Exchange or Telecollaboration) has grown significantly over recent years in all educational sectors.  The European Commission has undertaken an initiative to support virtual exchange through a consortium of partners working with young people (under 30 years old) in formal or informal learning settings with a view to enabling youth in Europe and the Southern Mediterranean to engage in meaningful intercultural experiences online. This follows a long established e-twinning programme for schools. The EVOLVE project, supported by Erasmus Plus funding, is a multi-partner project that looks to evaluate such activity through research to test the potential for mainstreaming.

This session will provide an overview of the nature of such activities, their objectives and achievements. It will also give insights into the research and learning coming from EVOLVE and from the Virtual Exchange practitioner training. It raises some of the urgent issues that need to be addressed when looking through a critical lens at the work we do and aims to open a discussion around how we can deliver sustainable, equitable development for all.

Websites / URLs Associated with Your Session:

Virtual Exchange defined on Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_exchange

Erasmus Plus Virtual Exchange https://europa.eu/youth/erasmusvirtual

EVOLVE (Erasmus Plus) https://evolve-erasmus.eu/about-evolve/

etwinning https://www.etwinning.net/en/pub/index.htm


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