Global Competence Certificate (GCC) courses are designed specifically for in-service educators who are interested in embedding global learning into their teaching practice, and preparing their students for the global reality beyond the classroom. 

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Inquiry-Based Learning for Global Competence

One global issue that demands immediate attention is how to balance societal and environmental health. This course explores a contemporary ‘state of the planet’ across ecological concerns. Students will analyze current IGO, NGO, governmental and community-based organizations’ work to address global environmental concerns on a local, regional, national, and global scale. 

Sustainability and Environment

Global learning requires a disposition of ongoing and sustained inquiry because of the vast knowledge bases it draws upon. Inquiry-based learning is a learning approach that is rooted in the investigation of questions and case studies, as well as problem solving. Participants will consider various approaches to inquiry, both for their own global competency but also for guiding students in the development of their global awareness.

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