Searching for organisations which assist teachers in finding partner schools/classrooms/collaborative projects

As part of a research project, I am trying to compile a list of organisations which provide assistance and resources to teachers in finding a partner school/classroom or setting up a colloborative project on a global level. If you have any recommendations or ideas, or can share your experiences with me, I would love to hear from you. Thank you!

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Hi Peter.
Thank you for the information about your programs! Great. Just wish my students were old enough to do something like this...however, it makes me think about how I could spend my next holiday.
Thanks keep us in mind...always available to bounce ideas around!
Janice, I do have some ideas for working with teachers and students if they have the internet and Skype. I know that rules out some of the schools. I have started a site
www. which teaches the history of art starting at 50,000 BCE and am working now on Ancient Egypt. There are many ways for teachers and students to play with this site I just need to know who they are.

Would you like to talk more about this?

Katherine Bolman
Hi Katherine,
As they say, better late than never. So sorry for taking so long to respond to your mail. Your site looks fascinating. I'm working with primary school children (ages 6-10) who have German as their mother tongue. Just adding that aspect because it definitely limits what they are capable of doing at the moment. However, history of art/architecture is very rich and I'm sure there's lots of potential (despite the language deficit). Let me know your thoughts/ideas when you have a minute. Thanks.
Janice, thank you for taking the time to write. I suspect you speak English and German. The micro lessons have lots of questions. You can show the students the images and use the questions to guide them. Questions cause students to look more closely into the piece and thus learn more.

If you want them to hear some of this in the classroom my Skype name is Katherine Bolman. Another aspect of this is that the students will learn more if they do something with the information by making something, a drawing, a short story or using clay to make a sculpture.

If you scroll down on my site you will see a clip of me teaching at a Boys and Girls club.

Lets keep talking!!! This is what I wanted to happen with this work!!

Thank you so much Janice.
Wow. A goldmine!! Thanks Chris. Very much appreciated.

HI Janice
I am the Provincial Coordinator of Project Kenya Sister schools. Over the past four years we have raised over $180,000 for students in the East Laikipia of Kenya. Through our partnership with the Ol Pejeta Conservancy, we have partnered 13 schools across Canada to elementary and high schools surrounding the conservancy. We are currently helping to build a district library and 4 small libraries in our sister schools that currently have room. For more information I can send you an invite by email to our Ning site, currently under construction. To request an invite, email me at
Neil Bryson
Here are a couple that I work with.
My contact is:

Swathi Balasubramanian
Program Coordinator, Civil Society Division
International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX)
2121 K Street, NW, Suite 700
Washington, DC 20037
T: +1 202 628 8188 x140
F: +1 202 628 8189


Peace Corps World Wise schools
Lynette M. Bouchie
Program Analyst
Coverdell World Wise Schools | Office of Public Engagement | Peace Corps
1111 20th St. NW | Washington, DC 20526 | 202.692.1429
RPCV Niger '95-'99

Good luck
Dave Cornelius
Thank you David for the 2 excellent resources! And, the detailed info very much appreciated.

Best wishes-
You might also take a look at the NewsMaker software from Eye Power Games.

The founder Benson Loo from Singapore has used the platform to connect elementary students from Singapore with students in the US.

His email is:
Hi Janice
a partnering organisation I have used is It was great, I have had partnerships and links with schools in Uganda, England and Scotland.
Regards Bill


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