Hi, I'm looking to partner up with some schools internationally. I work with students aged 8 to 12 years of age. My school is in the inner suburbs of Sydney. Apart from video conferencing opportunities I would like my students to be involved in some collaborative work with some students overseas. Perhaps we could trial a link up with our gifted and talented students? If you are interested, drop me a response, and we can discuss some opportunities. Regards Jed

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Hi Jed -

We have a group here that is comprised of teachers interested in connecting over Skype or iChat. You might want to try posting there, too: http://www.globaleducationconference.com/group/skype

Lucy Gray

Hi there, i'm looking to partner up with you too. I am Haleema Rashid from Ibn Al Nafees School in Fujairah, UAE. As our school principle, Ms. Jawaher is interested in this point, learning globally. We all are interested in that, all teachers in my school. We work with grade 1 till grade 5. Their ages are between 6 to 10 years of age. Our school, Ibn Al Nafees School for Boys/ cycle 1 In Fujairah took the international accreditation recently. We hope to collaborate with other schools or any educational staff toward the educational global changes and toward the best academic achievements.so that's why we want to join with you.


Ibn Al Nafees School for Boys Cycle 1

presented by:

Haleema Rashid  & Ms. Jawaher Obeid, the school principle

My students here in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, USA, would love to become e-pals.  We have a teleconference room and could connect to share about what school is like in your location.  The week of November 12-16 is International Education Week.. I'd love to have something ready by then!  email me at m_garcar@chuh.org if you would like to talk more about this opportunity!  My name is Melissa Garcar and I am the IB Coordinator.  THANK YOU!

Hello ,

I am eager to join your project with my students . So please tell me how can me and my students will join this project with you .

If you are able to teleconference, we, too would like to meet. Our students are ages 5-11 and we have a teleconference room. We could go live and the students could learn about what school is like in your location.  Email me at m_garcar@chuh.org if you are interested!

To Ajit,

Would be pleased to have our students work online with your students. We are starting a new cycle of online classes for Comics Go Global late October.


Antoine Toniolo

P-10 Subschool Leader

Distance Education Centre, Victoria Australia



To Jed,

What sort of activities did you have in mind?

Might your students want to create online collaborative comic book stories with students from the US, UK and around Australia?

Here is a bit of an outline about Comic Go Global.



Antoine Toniolo



I am the International Baccalaureate Coordinator at a Primary Years School in Wilmington DE USA.  We have students aged 5-11 years old and would love to discuss a partnership.

Julie Cassel

Hi! I am the IB Coordinator of a candidate school year 2 in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. We have a teleconference center and I would love to get our students to see and talk together. Our students are K-5th grade; ages 5-11. My school email is m_garcar@chuh.org. Please email if you'd like to become e-pals.

Hi Julie, thanks for your reply and interest. As I am in Sydney, I need to check out the time difference between our two cities to see if it feasible. I shall get back to you

To Julie,

I was recently sharing Comics Go Global (a literacy initiative) at the United Nations International School where many of the students in the art class were doing the International Baccalaureate. Global collaboration certainly opens the scope for a sharing of difference. Members of CGG are going to run classes late October if you wish to participate.





Hi, Jed,

My name is Melissa Garcar and I am the IB Coordinator for Roxboro Schools.  I have students aged 5-13.  We have a teleconference room and would love an opportunity to connect.  My mission this year is for my diverse population to learn about what school is like in different places.  Please email if this sounds like a connection you'd like for your students.  We are ready NOW:)  m_garcar@chuh.org  1-216-371-7115. 


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