Hi, I'm a teacher in a small School in Sydney, Australia. I work with students aged 8 -12 years. I work with a mainstream class and also a Gifted & Talented group. I'm looking to link up with interested schools and teachers (internationally) with a focus on Skype and potentially some student collaborative tasks through the likes of Wiki. If you interested, send me a reply. Regards Jed.

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I work with classes in the US and in Africa but you may be interested in becoming part of a global initiative.  Check out k12 Next Generation and see if this wouldn't be of some interest.

Tracy Hanson, Founder

I have been in the Beaconhouse School system for three years and have worked in the capacity of an English teacher. I was promoted as the branch coordinator last year. I have loved working with ICT and enjoy integrating lessons with ICT and collaborating with students in other countries. I usually like to enroll my students online on projects that help them collaborate through Social networks, Skype sessions, blogs and e-plas. They have connected with students and writers in England, Jordan and recently USA. I am looking forward to join a project in which I interact with school on Global Dignity Day and am sure my students will come up with unique ideas.  You can email to me on my ID maryumnisar2000@hotmail.com.

Hello, Jed!

May be my students 9-13 will work with your group to collaborate through  Wiki.

Our School life will be an  interesting project, won't it?

Best wishes,

Elena Grigorouk


I teach grade five in New York. I would love to connect on a project. Let me know what you have in mind.


I teach students of different ages in Ukraine and I find Skype conferencing interesting. I believe teachers in my gymnasium will be glad to join you. 

Best wishes,

Helen (Kharkov Gymnasium, Ukraine)


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