I would like to set up some Skype discussions on various topics and get students to share perspectives.

We are located near Boston, Massachusetts.

I teach 11th grade History.

What about sharing perspectives on the impact of globalization in your community, or the 2014 winter Olympic Games?

Anyone interested?

That would be great.

Here is my email address:


thank you.

Kader Adjout

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HI Kader,

Sounds like a great idea, but maybe go further and find someone in SOCHI to Skype with ... time difference should allow it if you do it first thing in the AM Boston time. 

Regrettably I decided not to go ... even though my name is Adler and I should be there!

Good luck,


Thank you.

Do you know anyone there?

I'm trying.  My friend's wife works for NBC and is there... but you can imagine how busy their schedule is... it's not like being a tourist.  She'll email you if she can work it in ... but I'll need your email so she can email you directly.   


Thank you so much.

Here is my address:




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