Smithsonian Science for Global Goals: Engaging youth to take local action on the world's most pressing issues

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Katherine Blanchard 

Program Manager - Leadership Development and International Programs 

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Smithsonian Science Education Center 

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North America - United States 

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Teachers - Science, Social Studies or Multi-Subject, and all grade levels. 

School Administrators

Those interested in learning about Smithsonian's work around the Global Goals

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Smithsonian Science for Global Goals engages youth to understand the foundational science of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals so that they can become agents of change in their own communities. 

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The UN's Sustainable Development Goals were imagined to address the most pressing issues our plant has ever faced. Behind the 17 goals are deep scientific and engineering concepts that the world's population must understand in order to take concerted action to help realize the goals. The Smithsonian Science for Global Goals project supports young people to dive deeply into the issues outline in the Global Goals, using their communities as their laboratories, and learning how these issues impact their everyday lives. Throughout the program they learn from scientists, researchers, and professionals who are working to meet the world's challenges from different perspectives: Social, Ethical, Environmental, and Economic. By grounding these complex global topic with a young person's community, Smithsonian Science for Global Goals builds Sustainability Mindsets in learners: Global-Local Interconnection, Empowerment & Agency, Equity & Justice, and Open-Mindedness and Reflection, all through the lens of inquiry-based science. Join us to learn about Smithsonian Science for Global Goals, and how this work can be used with learners in your community. 

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