Your Name and Title:
Stevan Akerley NSS Space Ambassador, Graduate Student,

School or Organization Name:
National Space Society and Kepler Space Institute (KSI)

Co-Presenter Name(s):
Bob Krone (KSI)

Area of the World from Which You Will Present:
Connecticut, USA

Language in Which You Will Present:

Target Audience(s):
Space Education

Short Session Description (one line):

Full Session Description (as long as you would like):
Kepler Space Institute (KSI) is registered and provisionally licensed in the State of Florida, United States.
Kepler Space Institute (KSI) is dedicated to providing educational programs, research solutions, and publications to the public, industry, and governmental organizations in support of continuing Space Exploration, Commercialization, and Settlement. Through cutting edge research, exploration and development of space resources, KSI helps facilitate the expansion of human civilization from Earth into Space, with the primary goal of benefitting humans everywhere on Earth and beyond

KSI will train the next generation of scientists, researchers and educators by taking a multidisciplinary approach to address the rapidly changing needs of the space industry, in both the private and public sectors. KSI’s online platform gives students the opportunity to pursue academic excellence at a pace that meets their learning styles. KSI’s staff and network of qualified faculty are uniquely positioned to enable students to develop the skills and knowledge needed to drive innovation, conduct impactful research to make life better on Earth and expand the capabilities of the space industry to settle space.

The school is committed to achieving the highest academic and research standards, promoting lifelong learning and facilitating access to meaningful work opportunities bridging students’ academic studies and professional aspirations. KSI scholars will join industry leaders to help guide the sustainable development of Space and along with the support of commercial and international partners will create employment opportunities and enhance the expertise of global citizens to the benefit society. To learn more about the enrollment process and for a schedule of upcoming events, visit:

KSI is committed to directing its efforts, resources, qualifications, and talents to endeavors that benefit humanity now and in the future. Our KSI leadership formulated the Law of Space Abundance in 2009, defined as “Space offers abundant resources for humanity’s needs.” It was a logical law flowing from research and discoveries over centuries. We seek to guide people. KSI Founded the Journal of Space Philosophy in 2012, and has 14 issues published to date, which are free downloads from the KSI website

We offer courses across the Space Hard and Soft Sciences and Technology subjects. Enrollment is open now, for the Spring 2020 Semester following courses:

PHI 502, “Strategic Foresight and Alternative Futures”
COM 500, “Space Commercialization and Entrepreneurship”
EDU 500, “Foundations of Quality Education.”
SCI 501, “Space Systems and Design Requirements”
GOV 500, “Leadership Theory and Practice”

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