Global Awareness and 21st Century Skills.

I'm prepping for a variety of presentations and articles, and there seems to be little documentation in a single location about school-based initiatives around 21st century skills and the theme of global awareness. I wish there were numbers to report about school districts moving in the direction of 21st century skills. 
Specifically, I'm wondering how many schools are using some sort of 21st century skills framework to guide initiatives (the Partnership for 21st Century Skills and Cisco both have frameworks) and if the 21st century theme of global awareness (or as some people prefer to label, global competencies) is a part of these initiatives. I know that in this world of education "reform", these may not be major priorities, but I think forward thinking school districts may beg to differ.

Please consider taking this survey and pass this info on to others.

The survey can be located here:



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