Teachers and entrepreneurs join together to promote reading, thinking, and collaborating

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Ben Stern, Academic Liaison

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New York City

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Educators, Entrepreneurs, Students

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Teachers and entrepreneurs team up to build an easy-to-use tool that allows humanities teachers and students to connect world events to classroom topics and connect to each other in the process. 

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I am a middle school teacher, technology integrator, and academic liaison for Ponder, an edtech startup using technology to connect readers around the world. At Ponder, our combined expertise in education, technology, and entrepreneurship has allowed us to build a tool used in classrooms around the country and the world. Through our story and an explanation of Ponder, we hope to demonstrate the power of technology to make critical reading and global awareness integral elements of every classroom so long as students have internet access. Easy-to-use, student and teacher-friendly, powerful tools are available to students worldwide if developers, entrepreneurs, and educators join together to support learning.

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Hi Ben -

Is Ponder a for profit entity?


Lucy Gray

Conference Co-Chair

Yes, it is. Is that not permitted? If so, I'd happily shift the emphasis away from Ponder itself and more to the work I'm doing to connect schools and students through technology. I'd mention Ponder, since it's essential to those efforts, but I could focus also on a collaboration between my students and a school in Sierra Leone for very poor children that we collaborate with as well as The Biodiversity Project (http://thebiodiversityproject.org/) which I support. It's a project that shares curriculum among schools worldwide and students pool data to learn about biodiversity around the world.

For profit groups need to be sponsors of the conference in order to present. If you are a teacher and remove references to a for profit product, you're welcome to present without being a sponsor. The expectation will be that you do not promote a product during your presentation. To edit your proposal, please use the EDIT button on this page.

Let me know if you want additional information or have questions,

Lucy Gray
Conference Co-Chair


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