Name and title: Cynaidah Mideva, Global Executive Coordinator Enabling Support Foundation

School or organization Name: Participant

Co-Presenters name: (Nil)

Area of the world from which you will present: Kenya

Language in which you will present: English

Target Audience: Teachers, Administrators, donors and those interested in bringing the global goal to classroom.

Short session Description (one line): The Birth of Education for the 21st Century. 

Full Session Description (As long as you would like):
Postpone the alphabet until the child can read. That seeming contradiction means reading will no longer be a problem for education. My experience in the last three years are the best illustration that I can give.

In May of 2017, I was invited  by Dr. Robert  Zenhausern to coordinate  the education 21st programme of Enabling Support  Foundation . This programme  had a goal to bring education into  the 21st century.

The heart of the program is different approach to teaching reading that treats understanding the printed word as simple as understanding the spoken word. We understand the spoken word as a whole word not from its individual sounds. Our approach is simple and not expensive. Our goal is that children start school reading and writing.

My 1st task as a coordinator  of Kenya  for Enabling  Support  Foundation  was to develop Early reading program.  In Jun 2017  I contacted 8 daycare centers  in the slums of Nairobi and taught  the teachers the use of early reading. This  procedure  continued for 4 month and the progress  is available  on video  tapes. At the end of 4 month , pre-school  children  were reading and writing  3 sentences  paragraph. 

What will the audience learn? They will learn the history and implications of early reading from its beginning in the slums of Nairobi to the latest sites in Rwanda and Pakistan. They will also learn how we collaborate in our peace flame network through Microsoft office 365 infrastructure and what app groups.

What will happen? In my presentation, the audience will get firsthand account on how education for the 21st century was born in Uganda and grew in Kenya. I will share videos of the growth of early reading and have guest speakers who were there also.

The audience will have the chance to join us and enroll with peace flame to connect everyday lesson plan and activities to the SDG N0.4 and explore new ways that can bring relevance into Education 21st century.

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Dear Cynaidah,

Thank you for your proposal. Your proposal can benefit from further clarifications and edits.

1) Your title needs to be changed. It does not relate to your session description. At the very lease, please remove "I was there."

2) Under the full description, you refer to "a program". What program? There is missing background information. Please explain your program, its goals and your role in it.

Once you have made some changes, let me know and I will review it again.

Take care,

Lucy Gray

Conference Co-Chair

Thank you Lucy  for  your  feedback.  Will work  on it then revert asap.

Dear Lucy , 

Please  have a look at my proposal . 

Thanks  for your coordination.  I really  appreciate  your efforts! 

Hi  Lucy,

Please  confirm  my  time for presentation.  Had already booked. 

Kind regards, 



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