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Kate McNamee, DCPS Embassy Adoption Program Coordinator


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District of Columbia Public Schools


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Elizabeth McNamee


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Washington, DC


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5th and 6th grade educators


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Overview of the Embassy Adoption Program, a global education program that has connected DC embassies with DCPS 5th and 6th grade students for 37 years.


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The Embassy Adoption Program is a global education program that partners local embassies with fifth and sixth grade classrooms, in order to engage students in cultural and global enrichment activities. Since 1974, the EAP has introduced DCPS students to other nations’ history, cultures, governments, arts and geography; these partnerships have helped DCPS students enhance cultural competency, cross-cultural communication skills and understanding of their local and global community.  To date, more than 45,000 youth have partnered with over 100 embassies representing countries ranging from Australia to Zimbabwe.  The program has received various accolades, including the DCPS Outstanding Social Studies Program and the US Department of Education Award for Outstanding International Education Program.


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This session was cancelled by the presenter.


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