Name and Title:

Emily Erickson Cook, Visual Art Teacher

School/ Organization: South Middle School, The Interdependence Hexagon Project

Co-Presenters: Beth Burkhauser, Amy Weiss

 Country: USA
 Language: English

 Target Audience: Elementary, Middle School, High School Students and Teachers

Short Session Description: This collaborative art project provides a forum to confront and express our concerns regarding the need for Interdependence to solve our world's issues.

Full Session Description:

How can we use art to stimulate discussion about and prompt a response to the issues that face our global society? How can we use art begin to understand the need for our Interdependence to solve the problems we face?

In this session we will offer an opportunity to participate in the Interdependence Hexagon Project. As the project is presented, teachers will be provided with links to access the project’s lesson plans, resources, and images of previous works of art. The project utilizes teachers as facilitators who guide their students to identify and research a global issue that is personally significant. Students then create Hexagon shaped works of art in any media that visually express their personal response to that global issue. This presentation is apart of the Interdependence Hexagon Project begun 7 years ago by Beth Burkhauser in Scranton, PA, USA. The student produced physical pieces may be sent to the annual Interdependence Hexagon exhibit in September. There they are Interdependently joined and displayed, creating a visual statement of our strength when we unite. Digital representations along with artist statements can be uploaded to the Hexagon Project Blog. The blog creates a collaborative space where students and teachers from all over the world can dialogue about the urgency of the problems we face and how to find solutions through our Interdependence.

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iEARN International Conference and Youth Summit 2012 Session Acceptance

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Again, we are so delighted to have you participating in the 2012 iEARN International Conference and Youth Summit.  Thank you!

iEARN Conference Planning Committee

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