The Kidlink Global projects.Perspectives and horizons for close cooperation.


Your Name and Title: Lusine Jhangirian, English Teacher

 School or Organization Name: Achinsk school #18

 Area of the World from Which You Will Present: Achinsk, Russia

 Language in Which You Will Present: English

 Target Audience(s): elementary, middle, high school

 Short Session Description (one line): global projects coordinated by volunteer teachers all around the world 

 Full Session Description (as long as you would like): The session  will show how short educational projects  led to various means of global  collaboration including Skype conferences, correspondence, video messaging and even students exchange program between different countries. It will help educators  learn how to be globally connected and involve  students  in the global dialogue.  It also will display what topics can be a subject of global connection, how to break  the classroom walls down and discuss both international and local issues, from the global environmental problems to teens fashion and so on. 

The session will tell about the  projects  provided by the Kidlink global association which are  a wonderful opportunity  to start thinking and collaborating globally and develop the competencies and skills neccessary to be global citizens. 

Websites / URLs Associated with Your Session:

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Hi Lusine,

Thank you for proposal. Please click on the OPTIONS button in the upper righthand corner of this page, and edit your proposal. Your title needs to be shortened and more succinct. Also, please add a required conference tag or tags as outlined in Step 9 of the Call for Proposal. Once you've made these changes, I will approve your proposal.


Lucy Gray

Conference Co-Chair

OK Lucy,thanks.


I think you would attract more attendees if you titled your proposal with something like this: 

Kidlink Global Projects: Perspectives and Horizons for Close Cooperation

Periods are typically not used in titles and words need to be capitalized. Can you edit your title again to be something like this? 


Also your tags need to be written exactly in the format as we describe in STEP 9 of the call for proposals: For example, 2017Teachers is the tag for the teacher strand. It needs to be written precisely as we've indicated. To edit your tags, go to your proposal, click the OPTIONS button and add at least one tag to show which strand you want your proposal to appear in. Thank you!

Please add the required conference tags as outlined in step 9 of the call proposals. This needs to be done by Monday, November 6th.

Are you planning on editing this and having me review it again? If so, I need you to do this TODAY. Look at the call for proposals and add a conference tag or tags in the proper format. Example: 2017Teachers . Tags must be written in this format. 

Thank you,

Lucy Gray Conference Co-Chair


You went ahead and booked your session without my approval. I had asked you to add the required conference tags to your proposal and because you haven't done that, I have not approved your proposal and sent you an approval email. Please, follow our instructions in the future.

We are going to let you present and I'll move this proposal to the Accepted category. Make sure you take in a live training session before you present.


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