Towards a Model for Global Belonging: The Role of Global Citizenship in Student Development

Towards a Model for Global Belonging: The Role of Global Citizenship in Student Development

Your Name and Title: Dr. Shelbee NguyenVoges, Associate Professor of Education, Director MA in College Student Development


School or Organization Name: St. Edwards University


Area of the World from Which You Will Present:Texas, USA


Language in Which You Will Present:English


Target Audience(s):Higher education instructors, Professional development specialists, administrators, students in transition, academic developers


Short Session Description (one line):Specifically, this session underscores how an intentional curricular design that begins with belonging from a sociocultural frame and graduates to learning about the local and global interdependence of complex contemporary issues can create mindful and engaged global citizens who are better able to navigate difficult transitions, develop resilience and become more thoughtful emotionally intelligent students.


Full Session Description (as long as you would like): The focus of this session is concerned with how undergraduate students navigate knowledge about the world around them as a foundation for critically thinking about their first-year experience, but also in classes beyond the first year of college in general. Undergraduate first-year learners who enter the higher education learning environment encounter a fairly stark transition as they navigate the shifting threshold from pedagogy to andragogy. These students navigate both academic and social adjustment that runs in sharp contrast to their k-12 experiences and may often need intentional instructional interventions to alleviate overwhelming stress, address logistical concerns, and create new networks of cultural and social capital. Recent scholarship concerned with retention and ultimate graduate identifies belonging as one of the formative factors impacting a students ability to be successful within a long term orientation to academic goals.


The learner exists within an always-evolving global and social environment. The task of developing new and innovative strategies to build global citizens within student-centered approaches becomes quite difficult when each student makes sense of their owl local/global connection within individual frames. The focus of inquiry examines how first-year students learners, who are just now entering into higher education, make meaning about themselves within a global and local interdependence of contemporary issues in an effort to promote deep and transformative leaning and ultimately self-regulate their own success within a globally interconnected context.


This sessions aims to share some of the specific instructional design components that take a student through navigating belonging within a global sociocultural frame, how those sources of social and cultural capital contribute to mindset and perceptions of academic readiness/success and then tasks them to apply those concepts within a collaborative and creative problem based learning assignment.


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