Dear GEC Presenters, 

Tomorrow is the last day what we are accepting proposals and edits to proposals that have not yet been approved. Here is a document if you need insight on how to refine your proposal:

We are very excited to have you share your work with us starting this Sunday, November 13th (may be November 14th in some time zones). We are confident that you have been working hard to prepare your presentations and to get comfortable with Blackboard Collaborate. 

Every year, we do have a few people who struggle with their sessions and that's mainly due to not attending a training session or reviewing training materials. Please consult the training calendar and recordings here: The last live training session will be tomorrow at 3 PM (GMT-5) Eastern here: http://www.thetrainingroom.meYou can always review a recording of a training session on our training page and practice in the training room. 

Regarding your slides, remember:

  • Include your contact info on a slide
  • Do not use Prezi as it won't work
  • Do not use Apple's Keynote program. If you do, you'll have to export the slides to image formats in order for them to work in BbC.
  • Have links to any videos you want to show ready to go. You can send the links to attendees when appropriate during your presentation. Do not embed videos in your slides.

We have a presenter's checklist prepared to help you think through your session: Remember, too, that all important info for presenters is in your presenter's group. This is also a great place to ask any remaining questions:

Steve Hargadon will be making the live links to your individual rooms available soon. Do not record in these rooms until your actual presentation. Otherwise, Steve has to create a new room for you! 

I'll be online as much as possible during the next few days, so feel free to ping me in the chat or to send me an email after you've reviewed all the presenter information.


Lucy Gray 

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