Dear Presenters -

We're about 2 days away from the start of the conference, and we hope that you are as excited as we are! There are so many great sessions scheduled and we know that you are working hard to be as prepared as possible.

It is essential that you follow our suggestions as it makes the presentation process easier for everyone involved. If you arrive online to you presentation room just before you are supposed to present without having read our emails or reviewed our training video, you probably will experience a great deal of frustration! 

Here are today's very important reminders for Friday, November 11: 

1) You must attend a live training session AND/OR watch a training video. The calendar for training sessions and the recording is on our training page: The FINAL live training session is Saturday, November 12 at 3 PM ET (GMT-5). Look at the Google calendar in your time zone or use to do time conversions.

2) Make sure you have reviewed the presenter's checklist:

3) If your proposal has still not been accepted and you wish to make changes, you must do so by November 11, 7 PM PST (GMT-8). I will not be approving more proposals after this time. This is a firm deadline. 

4) Remember, Steve Hargadon will post links to your individual presentation rooms closer to the start of the conference. DO NOT give these to people who will be attending your session unless they are a co-presenter. The public should use the links that will be on the conference calendar:

5) If you have any questions, first read all the documentation we have sent you. Then, please post them here in the presenter's group. Members of this group will chime if they can help. As a last resort, email us, but please understand that as the conference draws near, we are super busy and may not be able to respond as quickly as you would like!


Lucy Gray

Conference Co-Chair 

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Dear Lucy, 

I'm not sure is the correct place to let you know this, but I felt, after reading all of the excellent and clear instructions to presenters, that this was the best place. I will not be able to present the workshop on Finding Solutions to Hunger that I'd planned. I apologize, as I love the GEC and am always glad to be a small part of its efforts. 

I have let Jennifer Russell know as well, so that is taken care of. If there is a process for me to follow for deleting my workshop description, etc, just let me know what it is and I will take care of it.

Thank you for your understanding, Lucy. I have loved presenting in years past and hopefully will do so again. Take care. Mary


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