My Name and Title: Mr. Mohamed Ramadan Mahmoud Mohamed

Organization Name: Al-Minya Directorate of Education

Co-Presenter Name: None

Area of the World from Which I Will Present: Egypt, Al-Minya

Language in Which I Will Present: English

Target Audience(s): EFL - English as a Foreign Language Teachers

Short Session Description (one line): Raising EFL Cultural awareness by using video in ELT Class.

Full Session Description: 

Language is a social phenomenon in the sense that it must occur in social situations and cultural context. While teaching a language, we should not only give practice on lexis but we should focus also on cultural items included in each situation in the way of showing and respecting diversity aiming ultimately at raising awareness of others' cultures and fostering understanding among different people. The best medium to achieve that aim is Video. Video is the new textbook, offering reality, language modeling and cultural items like a book never could. It is a powerful tool in today's classroom. It provides strong context through which any EFL teacher can not only teach English as a language but also focus on English culture.

In my presentation I look at how video can change both the way we learn and the way we teach consequently. I will cover some important points needed for EFL teachers to use video effectively in EFL class to focus beyond on just teaching a language. Some of these ideas are as follow:

* Common beliefs and usage of video viewing in the classroom.

* Benefits of using video in the classroom as a learning tool.

* Best use of video in the classroom.

* Approaches to use video in EFL class.

* How to use video ( three stages; pre, during & post viewing )

* Example of using video to teach language and culture.

* Problems of video use in the classroom and suggested solutions.

* Video content search and resources.   

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