WANTED: American, Scottish, Spanish, Chinese, and Arabic students for online Macbeth project

Last spring, I saw kids from the US and Ukraine meet online, in a Google Hangout, by way of exploring the setting of a play. It triggered such powerful, deep, and memorable learning that I applied for a grant to bring kids together from around the world to work on Macbeth. Our faithful, online adaptation is being translated into Spanish, Simplified Chinese, and Arabic.

It's a 4-week project starting at the end of April. A Yale School of Drama actor will do a Hangout on theater games related to Macbeth; a Yale Drama playwright will teach improv as a basis for script writing; and we'll visit Edinburgh Castle thanks to +John Butterill and +Virtual Photo Walks™ and I'm working on a few other Hangout ideas. 

If this interests you, please check out the details and sign up :D

DETAILS http://goo.gl/U8HOJU
SIGN UP http://goo.gl/9PslSm

WEBSITE http://www.bigfuneducation.org/

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Sounds like fun! 

Thanks, Lucy. Yes, we hope it will be BIG FUN! So far, we have a wide range of ages signed up and schools in the US and Dubai. It's a grand experiment :D


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