Web2Where: Online Social and Participatory Media for the Global Classroom

Your Name and Title: Gail Casey: Classroom teacher, IT Co-coordinator and PhD student

School or Organization Name: Geelong High School and Deakin University, Australia.

Co-Presenter Name(s): Sue Dunlop: Classroom teacher, eLearning Trainer and Leader, Geelong High School, Australia.

Area of the World from Which You Will Present: Australia

Language in Which You Will Present: English

Target Audience(s): Teacher Educators, School Leaders, Teachers of middle years and high school.

Short Session Description (one line): Web2Where: Online Social and Participatory Media for the Global Classroom

Full Session Description:

The use of social and participatory media around the world continues to grow and it has started to show some powerful signs for efficient and effective teaching and learning; but, teaching and learning can look very different in such environments. This session will look at two different perspectives on the use of such environments in the classroom and how they could be used as a global classroom. These will support concepts such as fostering digital citizenship, developing student global competency and other 21st century skills, designing projects for student motivation and creating authentic learning experiences as well as examining technical infrastructure and resources for the global arena.
Gail Casey has been exploring the use of social media, Web2.0 and global projects in her classes for many years. What does social networking and Web 2.0 have to offer the global classroom environment? Why use it? What does the average teacher need to know in order to effectively introduce their students to such an environment? What are the pitfalls? Gail will walk you through her online social and participatory media work from the last 18 months, which forms the core of her PhD data collection, showing a wide range of classroom examples leading to eleven global classroom projects. Gail is a classroom teacher and has taught in both public and private schools in Australia. Her passion for global classroom projects has taken her to South Korea during 2007 where she developed a range of global projects while teaching ESL for 12 months. She has been an ICT mentor and trainer for 15 years and is now finalising data collection for her PhD.

Sue Dunlop is not a major user or promoter of such online environments, coming from a maths and traditional IT background, and feels uncomfortable (inexperienced) using social media to such an extent. She greatly admires the way that Gail has worked with her classes to develop safe codes of conduct in these environments and is learning to slowly and selectively incorporate more into the classroom. As a consequence will provide a good balance to Gail’s discussion and perspectives; teacher educators and school leaders, in particular, will find this to be valuable. Sue has been responsible for all computer related infrastructure and training in the teaching and learning area at Geelong High School since 2005.

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