GVC (Global Virtual Classroom) is a place for classrooms to connect from around the world to collaborate on content.

Each classroom needs to be lead by a teacher, who registers the group.

In the contest, 3 classrooms from different places in the world work together. They are the ones who decide what their topic will be and how they will create a website about their topic. Their teachers help when needed.

Do you want to see some past winners? Look here.

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Hi Janet! I hope it's not overkill because I just posted the GVC Contest and the GVC Clubhouse/PEP Program as well! :)
More information spread around is always a good idea!
How and where do we go to find out about the 2010-2011 school year contest? I teach seventh graders in Cupertino, CA
Shirley, go to www.virtualclassroom.org
You'll find out lots about the program and be able to see previous winning entries.
At 7th graders, your students would be in the primary division (grades 3-7).
This idea intrigues me! Can you tell me the amount of time typically required to take part in this? I would like to participate, but need to be sure that I can fit in the required curriculum! Thanks! -Tricia
Tricia, I had participated for many years before retiring this past June. I would say that is somewhat depends on the age of your students and how much they are willing to do beyond the classroom. On the teacher's part, you'd need to dedicate, I'd guess, about one hour a week of class time. Students can and should 'chat' using the Nicenet forums set up from home or the local library. The way things work best is if you can do something that fits into your required curriculum. For example, one year we worked with a school in Canada who had to cover the "what is a hero" thing in English Literature. So our site was on superheroes. The Lit class did research on super heroes in history and wrote original stories, my kids illustrated and animated the stories in flash and the other class put everything together on the web site as well as recorded each story, so they could also be "listened to". Each class did what they were best at and we actually all accommodated the classroom in Canada's curricula.

Does that help?

Thank you! This does help, but now I have a few more questions! What is the chance of being accepted once you apply? When is this decision made? Is the use of the Nicenet forums mandatory or can you use something such as a closed wiki? My school is just beginning to allow me to pilot these types of projects and I do not think that my administrator or tech director will allow the use of Nicenet forums. Thanks! -Tricia
Acceptance is automatic unless we have reached the max of 300 classes. Yes, Nicenet IS mandatory, but can be supplemented with other things. We've found that because of what some schools block, it's been the most effective. We're also recommending this year that people use stixy for some of the "getting to know you" things.


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