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Clint Carlson

Director of Education Technology

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Istanbul International Community School

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International Schools

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Grade 3-12, leadership, coaches

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"What's On Your Virtual Plate?" is a global student collective resource where all participants re-create, using Virtual Reality, the last meal they ate - to be shared with the world.

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"What's on your Virtual Plate?" is an interactive workshop, led by Clint Carlson from Istanbul International School, where all participants will collectively re-create, using Virtual Reality, the last meal they had before leaving for Anaheim.

Our goals together are:
1. to bring participants up to speed with how their students can create a Virtual Reality experience in under an hour.
2. collaborate on joining a "What's on Your Plate?" collective of educators and students all around the world sharing the VR experience of their latest meal - providing VR integration into any class exploring global awareness and cultures from other parts of the world.

This collective workshop also prompts further classroom discussions around culture, global awareness, and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #2 - Zero Hunger.

Success is the creation of the "What's on Your Plate VR Project" - a resource of student plates of food from around the world that any classroom with a smartphone can experience as if the food were actually on the table in front of them.

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