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RT @elemenous: Clubhouse App Creates Space for Open Talk in Middle East
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Are you familiar with Emergence magazine? Take a look at this beautiful publication and consider voting for it in t…
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1/ Join Lottie Dowling, Avishta Seeras, Lucy Gray, Anne Mirtschin, Jennifer D. Klein today at 5 PM CDT (GMT-5) for…
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RT @angelnetworknet: Full schedule now published for #ANGELConference2021, the gathering focused on #globaled #GCED research.
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Earth Day is 4/22 and NatGeo is hosting an Earth Day Eve celebration tomorrow! #globaled21
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Dr.Hari Prasad Kadel posted a blog post
Apr 18
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The first conference in the social audio app Clubhouse is taking place this April and it's FREE. Lottie Dowling, J…
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Where Do We Grow From Here?: Population Activities for an Equitable and Sustainable Future

Your Name and Title:
Carol Bliese, Director of Teacher Programs

School or Organization Name:

Population Education

Co-Presenter Name(s):

Area of the World from Which You Will Present:

Washington, DC, USA

Language in Which You Will Present:


Target Audience(s):

Teachers, grades 7-12

Short Session Description (one line):

Discover classroom activities for teaching about population growth that will help students examine their role as global citizens, especially as it relates environmental sustainability and the sustainability of healthy, educated communities.

Full Session Description (as long as you would like):

World population has quadrupled in the last 200 years and our growing global family impacts all 7.7 billion of us in large and small ways every day. Understanding the importance of the sustainable use of resources, environmental stewardship and the advancement of the human condition of people everywhere are key to global citizenship. Global population is projected to reach 9-10 billion by the end of the century and many of the challenges we face today – food insecurity, gender equality and girls' education, water shortages, climate change and threats to biodiversity – will come into even sharper focus. Incorporating activities into the curriculum to introduce these issues and stimulate critical thinking and problem-solving skills prepares students for their developing roles as global citizens.

Through hands-on methods (simulation games, visual representations and data inquiry), participants can learn ways to go beyond the textbook to build students’ awareness of human geography concepts – population trends, resource use, and more. They can then extend that knowledge to conceptualizing a future that emphasizes sustainable practices in an interconnected world. Skill-building that cuts across the curriculum – critical thinking, problem solving, articulating ideas and using new technology for research and modeling – will be addressed in the presented activities. All participants will receive electronic lesson plans.

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