It is time for Critical Digital Pedagogy, centered on international community & collaboration.

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  Dr. Patrick Faverty, Executive Director    

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  Lowell Institute

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   California, United States

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    All educators, teachers, administrators

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"It is time for Critical Digital Pedagogy, centered on international community & collaboration."

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Critical Digital Pedagogy centers its practice on community and collaboration; must remain open to diverse international voices, and thus reimagining ways that communication and collaboration happen across cultural and political boundaries; cannot be defined by a single voice but rather must gather a cacophony of voices; and must have uses outside the traditional institutions of education.

For some time now, the call for technology integration in classrooms has been a regular topic of school reform, transformation, and improvement. Nonetheless, many educational leaders will attest that while technology is increasingly finding its place in classrooms, it is only a small cadre of teachers utilizing technology in classrooms to improve student academic achievement through the use of critical digital pedagogy. If pedagogy itself is not changing through the use of digital technology then the problem is clearly not the tool but the method in which it is used. 



To make this change in focus we need three things to happen….


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Audrey Waters presentation at ISTE, June 2015

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Hi Patrick -

I'm really glad that you submitted a proposal! Thank you! We do need to clarify that this is not a technology-based conference. While tech plays an important role in global collaboration, we're trying to contextualize this for people by offering presentations that focus on connective and collaborative opportunities with an international aspect. I'm wondering if you can edit this and tie your ideas to our mission: Let me know when you've made edits (use the OPTIONS button) and I'll approve this.



Global Education Conference 2015 Session Acceptance

I'm not sure why but the title of the preso did not change on my page after I edited the proposal.....


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