Your Name and Title: Dr. Mirzi L. Betasolo

School or Organization Name: The Papua New Guinea University of Technology

Area of the World from Which You Will Present: Pacific

Language in Which You Will Present: English

Target Audience(s): Educators, Administrators, Students, Parents

Short Session Description (one line):
The session discusses how we can bring every classroom to every person. An answer to this need come to pass when on distance learning door was open.  With the poor literacy on the national level in the country, also will result in an unstable economy.  It is the right of a child to get proper education, and this concept was rolled out in the year 2013 in the country.  The result of crowded classrooms and non-availability of seats in the University.  The advent of internet and web browsing to different learning management systems pave the way to bring every child to classroom.  The scenario is just beginning, for a country like Papua New Guinea, other provinces have no access to power and even to internet.  The Papua New Guinea University of Technology and its collaborating partners such as the Ivanovo State University, Russia will play a role to create a boundless classroom, where teachers and student interact, learn, get the skills and knowledge required on the basis of Open and Distance Learning and with Online Learning.

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This proposal is incomplete. 


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