Women’s Right and Social Justice 

We started a  journey to take part in a Historical moment of Women’s Right and Social Justice the challenges of Social Issues

In Our Program We can share  Idea, information, knowledge, respective issues. We can also remark Problems, barrier, solving ways, techniques of implementation to the society

Our learning may be exciting, enjoyable and effective for gathering Knowledge. Need analysis – Needs - Aims – Planning- Implementation –Evaluation etc

It is not hard to Protect   Women's rights  and expanded to guarantee each woman's right as a full participant in society, free from harassment, eve teasing,  job discrimination or interference in the intensely personal choice etc 

This training module leaning point designed by five key techniques to Learn 


i)                Resistance of violence against women

ii)                Role of Women in Decision making

iii)               Women  education

iv)               Women’s inheritance

v)                Women’s economical empowerment  


Finally The trainees will be able to find out  on the issues:

i)          Easily Implementation Techniques

ii)         Right presentation skills

iii)        Fully collaborative Idea 

iv)        Easily reaching Methods to the root level of the society

v)         Steps to take Courageous  techniques

vi)        Clear Idea on the  issues   

          We are committed to establishing relationships that support the self-definition and self-determination of all people; and that consciously confront the barriers of social Problems We also committed to go ahead with successful activities of Women’s Right and Social Justice

There is no doubt this training will improve  skills to develop the sustainable education in women to root level. By thus a lot of People will get chance to solve their family and social problems


Most regards



Naziria Naymia Mahmudia Madrasha 




Chandgaon, Chittagong, Bangladesh

-+88-01554-314744 / mftrustbd@gmail.com 







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Is this a proposal for the Global Education Conference? If so, you need to follow the directions here: 




Many thanks for Your great support 


YES  this proposal is for the Global Education Conference,

But I Couldn't include it

Could YOU please include THIS for  the Global Education Conference

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Our policy is that each person submitting a proposal must follow the step-by-step directions located on this page. We do not edit people's proposals for them. 


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Thank You very much for Your sincere cooperation

I will try best to be success for submitting proposal according to Guideline


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