Your Name and Title:  Professor Yoshiro Miyata

School or Organization Name: World Museum, Chukyo University

Co-Presenter Name(s):  Lorraine Leo, Durga Pandeya, Vincent Max Kayesi, Hsc

Area of the World from Which You Will Present: Japan, USA, Nepal, Kenya

Language in Which You Will Present: English

Target Audience(s): Teachers K - University, students

Short Session Description (one line): 

Find out how your school can participate with hundreds of students across the world, writing and singing lyrics about peace, in the World Peace Song Project 2019 - 2020.

Full Session Description (as long as you would like): 

In this presentation we will share the World Peace Song Project and discuss the history of the World Museum. The World Peace Song Project is an exciting collaboration between teachers and students from across the globe, curated by the World Museum. The World Museum, coordinated by Professor Yoshiro Miyata of Chukyo University in Japan, is a worldwide network of people collaborating to create artworks connecting many cultures.

The purpose of our World Peace Song project is to create and share messages of peace throughout the world.  Teachers and students write lyrics about peace in their own language and sing them with melodies based on a peace song by the world renowned ensemble of musicians from four corners of the world,  Women of the World. These songs are embedded in unique Google maps to create a global chorus. The Google maps, programmed by Professor Yoshiro Miyata, consist of a map displaying partners singing in YouTube videos, and two maps where you can select different combinations of partners to sing together to listen to a global chorus of peace.  

We will give participants all the information they need to join and get started on this ongoing project.  Project partners will share their experiences participating in the project and participants will be invited to ask questions.

Websites / URLs Associated with Your Session:

World Peace Song Map 2019 - 2020

The Three Maps

World Museum Project

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