Yesterday, my conference co-chair, Steve Hargadon, and I had the opportunity to present at UNC's World View Fall Symposium. This is a global education conference, mainly geared toward, but not exclusively for, North Carolina educators. This event was keynoted by Homa Tavangar, who will also be keynoting for our conference in November. This was a great global education conference and it's exciting to see how North Carolina is taking the lead in the United States for making global education a priority.

I was able to attend two general session and two featured presentations and I'm providing links to these organizations as I think they are worth knowing about.

  1. National Geographic's Geo-Educator Community 
  2. Global Educator Benchmark Group - a group of independent schools have established standards for globally oriented schools 
  3. ByKids -  an organization which makes it possible for kids to work with mentors to produce short films about their lives in various locations around the world. There are serious film industry folks involved with these films and the results are extraordinary. 
  4. TeachUNICEF has all sorts of materials for teachers and students including new global citizenship briefs

Steve and I also had the opportunity to talk to Matt Nink, a GEC member, who runs the Global Youth Leadership Institute. We're looking forward to him connecting us to more students who may present at GlobalEdCon. Check out his org here:

Finally, here is a link to the slides and resources accompanying my presentation with Steve:

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