Would anyone like to work with me on getting a proposal approved?

Hello to all!

I am currently in grad school and my professor has assigned us a project. It is to create a proposal for the upcoming conference in November, but before than to have a proposal all ready and accepted. I was thinking to connect with someone who is looking to connect with a classroom in Poland. I want to find out how their teaching structure and requirements are different for grammar school and high school. This interests me because my mother was born in Poland and I still have family overseas. This would be a big step in my career as well to have something done or created overseas. I know my mother has always talked about how the school system is way different in Poland. If this sparks anyone's interest please let me know. I want to collaborate with someone on this in the very near future. I am currently working on a step by step procedure in order for me to stay on track and have some good ideas formulated before turning my final project in. Inbox me or connect with me. Thank you!



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Hi Katie -

Your best bet for connecting with someone from Poland would be to search our member directory by country. Then, send them a message in the community and they should receive notification of it by email.

Posting in our discussion forum is always great, but at this time of the year, there isn't a ton of traffic and few people will see your post!



Hi there,

I'm willing to connect with you, but I'm not clear what you intend to present on. Feel free to send me a message.

Welcome to GEC!



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