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I tried to log in to my session room with another person to see if things are working. I can type in chat but the other person can't. The instructions say to turn on chat capabilities but I can't find anything in the drop downs to let me do that. What should I do?

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Hi Mike,

If you take a look at this graphic moderator's guide it shows the 'global options menu' which is a drop down menu and you should be able to give global chat permission there. 

You can find more (select the Moderator link) 


And here is the link to the conference lounge if you need further help.





Were you able to attend one of Steve's live training sessions? If not, make sure you view one of the archived recordings. Scroll down to the bottom of this page:



You may need to enable the chat, which others have mentioned, but here is something else to try.

Try clearning your java cache. A full cache will really wreck havoc with your chat in particular. Go to the Java icon in your  Control Panel, then look for Temporary Internet Files. Click on Settings, then Delete Files then hit "OK". You can do this while in Bb too, or instruct participants that if they are having problems with chat or other functions, to try clearing their cache.

This can have a huge impact on what happens in Bb.

Mike, I am just seeing this now.  Sorry that you missed the ability to chat.  I would not have seen this note as the discussion was going on..... This week I had to ask a few technical questions too, and I directed them to Steve.


If you have other questions, just e mail me through this web site or I see those e mails very regularly.  I hope that you enjoyed the presentation even though you could not chat.

Let me know what happened.


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