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I'm curious if I must show the slides present in the default session setup. I would prefer to show only the slides I have in order to avoid confusion with my international audience; many of whom do not speak English as their first language.


Is it possible for me to delete the pages that are there and use only mine?


BTW, fantastic organization so far. I'm really loving how smooth everything is moving along. Kudos!

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Yes, we prefer that you show those slides. You will have a moderator who can go through those slides with the audience before you begin your talk. We want these slides shown because the mapping activity helps people get oriented and helps you understand where everyone is coming from. Secondly, there is basic conference information that we need to make clear to all attendees in those slides and it's vital that they get this information.




Thanks for the prompt reply. I understand. I'll be sure to load the slides in the proper area. 


Please use the slides in the room.  Although your audience is not speaking English, we have to make sure the sponsor slide (which will be updated tomorrow early) is shown, and we've stressed the value of using the map during all the trainings.  Thanks!

Sorry, didn't mean to duplicate!


Have you used the Explore Mode (click the arrows next to the "Follow" check box)? You can show you can navigate to the pages you like while only showing the presenters the ones that you want them to see. This way, you could probably skip over some of the default slides. 


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