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I have been practicing with different browsers and find that Google Chrome is not very session friendly. Each session has a download link, one per user. Let's say your PC crashes, or you close the window. If you download a new dropin.jnlt link then it won't work. Firefox recognizes you have already downloaded that link and asks if you would like to use that one instead. Click on it, and it takes you back to the session.

Let me know if I am not correct in my understanding. I'll be suggesting everyone use Firefox.

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Wow, good find. I'll see what happens with Firefox. I've been getting around the Chrome issue by deleting the file out of my Downloads folder, then redownloading the Javascript file, which does the trick. It would be nice to save a step using Firefox.

You're right. I've had trouble using Elluminate in Chrome. Presenters should use Firefox.

I use Blackboard Collaborate exclusively with Chrome and have not had a problem. It downloads a new file for each webinar room I go into. I go to my downloads folder and click on the new file if I need to go to another room. It's not intuitive, but it works fine. 

I haven't had a problem yet, but thanks for the heads up. I am on a Mac so maybe it isn't a problem for the Mac.


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