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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to find a link to share for my presentation that would allow someone to find it on the schedule.  I can point them towards the description page, but how can I share the event time?  It appears that one would have to browse through all the presentations in the calendar until they found the event they were looking for.  Obviously this is difficult because of the global nature of the conference but ...

Here's what I've done for a solution:  I copied the event in my Google Calendar to one of my calendars.  I made the event public and then published it.  You can find these options on the very bottom of your Google Calendar event page in small print.  Once you publish it, you will get HTML code for a calendar button you can share for the event.  If someone clicks on that button it should add the event to their Google Calendar (if they have it).  Hopefully this will synchronize or allow other to synchronize the event with their calendar.


Is there another solution that I'm missing?


Looking forward to next week, tom



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The calendar descriptions will be updated this weekend--formatted for easier reading, and then including the links to the session.  We'll also publish a simple page with a listing of the session names / presenter names for easy linking to the session rooms.


Excellent.  You all deserve a vacation after this is over.

You could make a blog posting about the conference and include links to your own talk and a time and date announcer. While this solution doesn't include the nifty "add to Google" feature, it does help promote the conference generally.


Another "better" idea is to make a presentation (including interactions) that anyone can watch at any time, so the schedule doesn't really matter. Your Global Ed Con talk will be recorded as it is, so anyone who misses it can still watch later, but it would be nice if the content you presented was searchable and browse-able and even reusable. My PhD research aims to develop a way to make, share and collaborate on such presentations. Here is a sample (7 slides).



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