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Please go over this extensive list of tips which while ensure a successful presentation. Do not wait until the last minute to review this.


The private page that lists the moderator/presenter links for each session is HERE.  This page is just for moderators and presenters, so please DO NOT SHARE IT as we do not want any participants entering session rooms as moderators.


This is a virtual place where you can drop in during the conference for last minute help. It is also the place where moderators go for their assignments. Feel free to drop in at any time and just hangout with us. The room is at or

GEC Leadership Team Member Nicki Ugalde has offered additional training in this room through Sunday, November 11.


We strongly encourage you to promote your session and the conference. Pleaseread this discussion on tips and take a look at the materials on our Press page.


If you edit your proposal, it will be bounced out of the ACCEPTED PROPOSAL category and into INTRODUCTIONS. Please email me so that I can manually fix this. This happens because presenters are not allowed to change to the ACCEPTED category; otherwise, we'd have a lot of people self-accepting. :)

To save time, please do the following:

1) Check your proposal yourself. Do not ask me to check it for you. See below for tips on finding your proposal.

2) If your proposal is in the wrong category (anything other than 2012 Global Education Conference Accepted Sessions), please email me WITH THE LINK to your proposal. I'll fix it ASAP.  If you edit your proposal, you need to do this for sure. (


Please understand that there are only 2 people basically running the logistics of this event and we're in high gear mode. It's really helpful to us if you can familiarize yourself with our site and save us some time. You can always post a question about logistical things in the chat or in the main discussion forum or in the presenters' group  and one of our international advisory board leadership team members will respond in time.
That said, there are multiple ways you can find your stuff.

1. Do a search in the upper right hand corner of the site in the search box.

2.  You can also go to the green navigation bar and go to MY PAGE and you'll see your activity including your proposal.

3. In the same green navigation bar, go to Discussions. This is the discussion forum. All proposals went into this section of our web site and accepted proposals went into the category called 2012 Global Education Conference Accepted Sessions.

4. You can also go to the blue conference links on the left hand side of front page and click on GEC Accepted Sessions. This leads to the same place as outlined in #3.

5. If you followed the instructions for booking your time, you should have put in a link to your original proposal in our discussion forums. If you go to the Sessions and Schedule page and look at a schedule to find your session, you should see the link to your original proposal in your booked time on the calendar.

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