Hi, I am not sure If I scheduled my presentation correctly. I followed the instructions, but don't receive a confirmation and cannot find the information here. Could you please help me with that? Thanks, Erica Coutrim

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I have more less the same problem... there is a link in this page or in other page where we can find the schedule???

I would like to know if everything is ok with this schedule


See my reply to Erica. The schedule is posted in many places including the front page of our site. 


Above the discussions in the presenters' group is all the info presenter's need including the link to the schedule.

The sessions and schedule page link has been sent to you in an email from Steve Hargadon, and I also sent it to everyone in the presenter's group last night. 

Here is the link. Please bookmark it for future reference: http://www.globaleducationconference.com/page/sessions-and-schedule

You also should have received a confirmation by email.....I believe it comes from Steve Hargadon, my conference co-chair or from YouCanBookMe. You may want to search your inbox for this. If you have any scheduling issues, please email Steve at steve@hargadon.com.



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