I was looking around to see if there was anything against sharing my presentation before and after my GEC session, but I didn't see anything.  Is there a problem if I sharing my presentation before or after my GEC session, which is scheduled for Nov. 18?

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Not all... share widely and often. You can link to your slides in your proposal or upload them... if you do edit your proposal, it will be bounced back into the submitted proposals category and I'll have to manually move it back to the accepted category. So, let me know if you make any edits! 



Perfect, thanks!

Steve and Lucy are very open on this. I share mine on Slide share and embed them here after the conference.

Good to know Richard, thanks for your response.

What's the link to your presentation? I'll list it at Learning2gether.


Hello Vance.  I will be uploading my presentation to my blog in the coming days...


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