Dear GEC Presenters -

We hope that you are prepared to present next week! If you follow our suggestions, you should be ready to share your expertise. 


  1. If your session was accepted and you haven't booked your session yet as per directions in your acceptance email, do so NOW.
  2. It's important to publicize your session by inviting friends and colleagues. We also recommend using social media to let people know about the conference. Tag your social media posts with the hashtag #globaled16. Our Twitter handle is @GlobalEdCon.
  3. Here is a link to the schedule which you can see in your own time zone:
  4. You are responsible for attending a training session if you do not know how to use Blackboard Collaborate. See our training schedule for live sessions:
  5. Alternatively, you can view the recorded training session listed on our training page.
  6. Steve will be sending your private link to your conference virtual room this week. Stay tuned. 

NEW this week: 

  1.  Here is our presenter's checklist. Go through this before, during and after the conference:
  2. I've created a folder of existing logos and new graphics in Google Drive. You are welcome to download and use anything from the 2016 folder:
  3. With the Twitter graphics for presenters, I've also made them available in Canva so that you can edit and personalize them: You will need to set up an account in Canva, and they may charge you to use the templates I made with pictures. (There are some that do not contain any Canva pictures and can be used for free).  If this doesn't work for you, send me an email and I'll share them to your email account. If you don't need to edit any of these images, download them from the link provided in #1 above.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns!


Lucy Gray

Steve Hargadon 

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