Dear GEC Presenters -

Today is the big day! The conference kicks off in just about six hours. Thank you for participating and your many hours of preparation. 

1) Your moderator/presenter links are listed here in the presenter's group; this means that people who use these links to enter a room have full control over your presenting room. Please go into the presenter's group and find this page now: Bookmark this so you can get to it quickly and easily. DO NOT GIVE THESE LINKS TO THE PUBLIC. The public should use the links available under ATTENDING AND SCHEDULE on the front page of our website at

2)  Steve has painstakingly created a backup site if anything goes awry with our website: Please bookmark this, too. 

3) In a couple of hours, we will be in the volunteer lounge if you need anything. Our welcome session starts a half an hour before the first keynote at 9:30 AM PST (GMT-8). Jonathan Rochelle of Google is our first keynote at 10 AM PST. 

4) I am working on a preparing a page listing Spanish language sessions. Hopefully, it will be ready later today.

5) I have created a short video tutorial on how to get into sessions. Share it with friends and colleagues who may be attending your session:

6) Attendees and presenters can participants can earn badges through our new game designed in conjunction with Chrome Warrior. Get started with GEC Connect here:

Good luck, and we'll see you online!


Lucy Gray

Conference Co-Chair

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