Hi all - this is usually the most common problem that occurs. If you are working in Google Slides, you need to export to PPT and open it in PPT and resave before trying to upload in BlackBoard. Good Luck!

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We tried loading the PowerPoint doc, however, we ran into an error "blackboard collaborate unable to load presentation". Any idea how to resolve this issue.

I am getting the same message.  I just saved each slide as a .jpg and added it that way.  Not the most efficient but it worked.  


Did you open in PowerPoint first? It also sometimes is a file size issue. I always go to File, and Compress Pictures to make it smaller. If not, I agree with Laurie, I save it as a .jpg and add it that way. Just better to resolve now and not worry about it. Good Luck!

Did you see Steve's email about this?

  • If you have PowerPoint (the program) loaded on your computer, you can upload slides created in PowerPoint. If you do not have the program, and you export slides from another program into .ppt or .pptx files, they won’t upload. Keynote (Apple) and .PDF slides will not load natively. The BEST way to upload slides and have them look just like you want them to is to export your slides to images, and then bulk upload them. When bulk uploading images, be aware that Blackboard Collaborate uploads them alphanumerically, which means that it will load slide 1, then 10, then 11… So to have your slides uploaded in the correct order, bulk upload slides 1 - 9, then move to slide 9 and upload 10 - 99, and if needed, move to slide 99 and upload 100 - end. PLEASE practice uploading your slides BEFORE your session begins--it’s really, really hard to help a presenter with slides minutes before a session.

  • If a presentation has been created in Google Slides, it should be exported to .pdf format, then use the www.smallpdf.com website to convert the .pdf file into separate .jpg images. Use the above procedure for importing the images. This solution works REALLY WELL.


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