Dear Presenters,

If your proposal has not been accepted yet, and you would like to me to review it again, please make suggested edits (see the comments on your proposal page) and email me when you are ready for me to review it again. The deadline for this is Wednesday, November 13 at NOON CST (GMT-5).

For those of you who have accepted proposals, make sure you attend a training session. It is essential that you prepare this week in order for your presentation to go smoothly during the conference.

Finally, it is important that you promote your session on social media and via email to friends and colleague. Encourage people to register for the conference, and registrants will receive the full schedule.

Steve is sending out more information and details today, so look for an email from him at some point!


Lucy Gray

PS - Remember that all useful information is posted in our presenters group on the front page of

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I am planning to attend the training on Wednesday afternoon. 

After that, I would like to send out a link to 100+ educational technologists invited them to my session.  What link might I provide?

Thanks for all that you do.

David Stoloff 

You will not receive the link until the day before the conference starts. Encourage them to register for the conference and they will get the conference schedule and links. 


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