Hi GEC Board Members!

Let's share stories and ideas about promoting the GEC in your corner of the world. How can we be advocates for the free, online conference that starts next week? Reply to this discussion thread and tell us what you are doing to help bring the conference to more people.

Lucy Gray

Conference Co-Chair 

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I am using email, WhatsApp status, and social media posts to share the word. I am in a few teacher groups so info will be posted there as well.


Great, thank you, Sharell!!! 

I'm posting in education networks and through social media.

Looking forward to a great conference! 


Thanks for your help through the NYC GEC! See you online soon.

I'm meeting with my Digital Learning Academy cohort 3 tomorrow via Zoom to let them know about the opportunity! I'm emailing cohorts 1 and 2, as well. I'm very excited to be part of a great conference! 


We're excited that you're excited, Jesse! Thanks for your help.

Hi, I'm keen to promote but I'm finding it difficult to refer audience members to the site, which seems mostly geared to presenters.

Can the homepage have a link to the program of presentations, or preferably a link to download a program in PDF that they could pin up in the staff room at school and scribble on?

I think most people want to know if the sessions appeal before committing to download Blackboard Collaborate etc

Thanks and best wishes,

Penny Vos


I'm not sure what you mean by the site being geared towards presenters. Our community is for everyone. 

We want to encourage attendees to register and there is a link to register on the front page. Once they have registered, they will get an email with a list of sessions. If you have registered, you will get this email and can print it out. 

Have you seen the guides that I have posted in this group and have asked board members to share?

Attendee guide: https://www.smore.com/y6avb-the-globaledcon-attendee-guide

Presenter guide: https://www.smore.com/a8kdw-the-globaledcon-presenter-guide

Call for proposals: https://www.smore.com/m45su-2019-globaledcon-call-for-proposals

(This isn't particularly relevant as the call is now closed.)

Partner and Board Member guide: http://bit.ly/GECpartnerinfo

Thanks for your help!

I am using e mails whatsapp librarians groups as i am librarian

Elagandula Ramesh

Great! I am news to whatsapp and started a group for presenters and another for volunteers! 


I believe I signed up for the advisory board a while back but regret have not been more active. As of late, I’ve presented to my school faculty and at a county-wide Pd day and included information about the conference. As the Global Ed coordinator at my school I consistently email my fellow teachers resources and opportunities such as this one. My main focus has been surrounding interdisciplinary curriculum and addressing UN SDGs—more of my intro to follow on Flipgrid. I’ll be departing for New Zealand in January to research similar topics as a fulbrighter. During this time I hope to be more active participant on this board! Thank you for all your hard work in this endeavor! 

Thank you, Stephanie! We appreciate your efforts and congrats on your Fulbright. I'm sure it will be an amazing experience. 


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