Hi all. I've been working with the UN's Unite for Climate initiative to develop a free curriculum for their "Connecting Classrooms" project - which is open to everyone so please take a look at http://connectingclassrooms.net

So...I've attached our work thus far. Take. Use. Give to Others.

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Hi David,

Thank you for posting the curriculum. I looked through it and I really like it! It has a nice mixture of personal reflection and different ways for students to assess their involvement with the project. I also like the fact that students have a chance to learn from others (by using tools such as Skype).

Have you tried this curriculum with your students? What is/was their reaction?

Hi Suzanne,

I have not tried it out. The first schools to take a look are just now getting back into the swing of things (in Africa mostly). I would love to get feedback on it and then publish a version with layout, more resources, and some teacher feedback on it.

Thanks for taking a look at it! Please share it with anyone and everyone.
Thanks David, just found your project so have had only a "glance" at it but I think it will work perfectly with my group of grade 8s who are very focused upon climate change. Do you know of any other middle years classes that we could partner with? Let me know and thank you so much for all of your work as I know I will utilize much of it.

Jason Hill
Prince Philip School
Grade 8
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Awesome. We know of some middle school kids who take part in a project that uses energy monitoring devices (watts up pro) and kids measure things at home and build data tables about energy conservation. We have also had kids form teams with kids from India, China and elsewhere and would love to try things out with you. I'll write you an email about this as well. Thanks for being in touch!


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