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Education emerges from thinking.Thinking emerges from the responses of mind.Mind is depended on forces of both internal and external impulses.School was the first institution in the world which started the process of education- the meaning of SCHOOL is place of "PEACE/LEISURE". In the evolution process of mankind, this basic is today completely forgotten/ignored.As a result, we are living in a complex/violent world.It is in this context,I want to awaken the consciousness of humans to reintroduce concept of school(peace) in our thinking and incorporate Peace Education in all sectors of human activities/professions.Peace Education should be accepted as a life-support system from womb to tomb.Relevant peace techniques may be worked out for different levels and various human activities/.profession and incorporated in global/local education system.The Peace Education, I conceive as techniques designed through blending of "SCIENCE OF MATTER" with "SCIENCE OF SPIRITUALITY".Without this THINKING, global/local education will result in more and more holocaust in human civilization.I urge upon all to accept this thinking and redesign the education system.

Prof.Fani Bhusan Das

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I agree that Education for Peace is a very important base for teaching and learning, but I disagree that it is the only base. Knowledge and skills are not less important. No one can solve global problems, including maintaining peace on our planet, without abilities to think global, even being highly motivated.

I found in my research (2001-2004), that educational programs for developing thinking abilities are two and a half times more effective for the ability to solve global problems than programs for developing motivation and ethics. I also found, that no one can develop Global Thinking without a motivation ( this part goes well with your opinion). However, developing of Global Thinking, actual ability to solve global problems, brings deeper understanding of those problems, and develops better motivation and ethics, including the need for the Peace. (This statement does not go with your opinion but does go well with your goals).

So, motivation, knowledge, and skills are equally important in education and help to develop each other. I don't see the point to argue "what comes first, an egg or a chicken". In contemporary world we all should try to create the whole image of "the elephant" we generally agree on instead of arguing with each other what the whole "elephant" is about. It is not only what each of us "can touch". That's why educators need an authority for educational leadership at the international level which will take responsibility for creating educational policies. If educational communities continue to use the same terms for different meaning contents, there is no hope for them to understand each other and do something together as the impact to the whole planet.

Global Education and Sustainable Development are rapidly growing fields, that's why we need to specify terminology and make it up to date. Particulary, "GlobalThinking" will include "Global Systems Thinking" as a functional aspect for solving global problemcan agree on.s, and "Global Ethics" or "Global Sustainability Philosophy" as a motivational aspect. I already pointed it out on my website, and also in my presentation at the Global Education Conference 2011. Thanks.


Yes Marina, I agree with you.We have to ensure that these ideas are understood by our politicians who rule us so that there will be a beginning of change in human mind set in thinking and education.

Thank you! I am glad to hear that. It is nice to have an opportunity for educators around the world to share ideas via interenet but international authorities can make a better difference in educational communities in keeping educational standards, policies, and terminology up to date. Would be nice to find a way for good ideas to reach those authorities and politicians.

Looking around the world,to me education has become a money-earning tool- a business.Seats in educational Institutes are sold.More & more Institutions are opened in the name of education with hidden desire to accumulate money and indirectly destroy the society.Hardly any one is bothered for quality of education.Education today is polluted to produce people with polluted mind as we only stress on expanding outputs of Matter without any linkage to ethics and humanitarian values.

      For this crucial reason,I say PEACE( as it is HOLISTIC) be accepted as foundation of Education.I define peace as blending of Matter(SECURITY-food,shelter,personal,social,economic,environmental and all other kinds of security),COMFORT with a sense of enoughness and HAPPINESS and Spirit-Truth,Order & Harmony.This is the most holistic approach for humans to live on earth for which all kinds of education should build the superstructure on this foundation.In the name of education let us not propagate dominance of money,muscle,political and unethical intellectual powers over Humanitarian power of Truth,Order and Harmony.

Yes, world keeps changing. Not only education has become a business but healthcare, spirituality and other aspects of life. I doubt anyone would disagree with that. However, there are many nice people working in those systems, and that crises is not their fault.

Your approach to internal peace is in tune of my new concept of Sustainability of Consiousness, but it is much more to consider at the Environmental, Social-Economical, and Personal levels. Our desire to build a model of a perfect world as old as the humanity is. Moreover, I consider the world history as an evolution of human society which is still trying to find a balance. Humanity experienced so many different types of society structures with different types of transitions from one structure to another. There were always people who thought they know how to build a perfect functioning well society where everyone is happy. Many of them had strong leadership abilities and historical conditions to try their ideas out, and many of them succeded at different levels of societies for different periods of time. A human being is much more complex system than groups, communities, and societies, this is one of the aspects of the problem. However, humanity definitely have gained good experience in bulding societies over the centuries, and I believe that in contemporary world we can come up with better approaches and strategies for solving those problems to some better point. If you believe that you have a strategy which works, please share your experience of implementing it in real life. I think many people would like to know about that. Thank you!                   

Thank you.Yes, I have developed a strategy to solve complex system of a human being linked to society.I have experimented that strategy and I was successful.But unfortunately after my departure from that position the system was discontinued.When I was District Collector of a district in India, I started a school "INSTITUTE HUMANE DEVELOPMENT & MANAGEMENT" where both literate and illiterate population joined the school.The basic program in the school was to transform human to humane both through awakening the "inner values & consciousness" and making them participate in a positive manner with externalities like Development,Ecology,Resources etc for wellness of both individuals and society.The result of such education at grassroots level had brought changes to eradicate hunger,shelterlessness,unemployment, malnurition,conflict and violence etc and inbuilt in every individual love, affection, empathy, concern for others discarding things like anger,jealousy,ego,intolerance,hate, self-aggrandizement, exploiting Nature beyond its carrying capacity etc.This process and strategy of education started healing of individuals and society,purifying individual's body,mind,heart and soul and unifying the individuals in their thought and action developing collectiveness which led to dramatic improvement in quality in all sectors of human activities.For this work,I got National recognition, but that time I did not expect that this new approach to education and development would be discarded after my departure from that position.Till today, I have strong conviction about the experiment I conducted, but only missing link I have to fulfill to make it sustainable.

I think a brief explanation of how, in what way your work is better than many other programs for peace development would be great to start with. Then, a brief description of how it actually works, with different examples of transormation on personal & social levels would help people understand your work content and get them interested to  try that and learn more.

Contacting people who recognized your work nationally is a good way to begin with. They should be in the position to help you find national and international connections with schools which are interested to accomodate your program.

As you are in India, maybe it is worth to get in touch not only with government educational institutions but with spiritual communities with strong national and international connections which goals and ways to reach them fit for your program the most.

Good luck!














Hello Prof. Fani Bhusan Das

I absollutly agree with you, as you say "Peace Education should be accepted as a life-support system from womb to tomb", and your blending proposal from science of matter to science of spirituality.

As I say to my students and collegues, the human kind need to be Emocionally educated.

Being a Music Teacher, I am fortunate to deal with spirituallity everyday of my life.

Never the less, I found Technic - the science of musical knowledge and skills - equal important. If one doesn't have the skills, one can not fullly express their deeper feelings

Dalila Vicente

Thank you Mr.Dalila. I am happy that one person out of 7 billion population of the world agree with my idea.The world is sinking and no body can save it if more people do not agree to our idea.

Prof.Fani Bhusan Das

Dear Mr.Dalila,

If you read carefully that entire discussion and think it over more, you would discover that there is no real disagreement but different approaches to the same problem. Each of those approaches is equally important and should work in a system to make a real difference. You will also see that Prof. Fani Brusan Das agreed with that.

Dear  Prof. Fani Brusan Das,

I think that many people in the world are agree with your idea of peace, and also many other people value only science and skills in solving problems. We need to use the "entire human potential kit" for the developing sustainable approaches for solving our world problems.

I am sure that you both would enjoy my new theory of "Sustainability of Consciousness", and wuld be happy to discover more connections between our worldviews. You can open my recording link at GEC 2012, or go to, and open Power Point presentation link on the page "Sustainability 3.0".

I would be happy to discuss anything with you ONLY AFTER you get know my views. I can't waste any of our time and energy in discussions which won't lead to a positive difference. Thank you!



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