Hello my name is Shannon Leasure. I teach Mathematics to 7th/8th grade students in the very rural Appalachian area of the United Stated.

 As part of a course requirement, I am supposed to seek out an “international connections” and correspond in regards to a question, of our choice, which is relevant to our interests as well as course content.

The question is this:

“How do we prepare students for a global economy in the curriculum we select?”

I chose this topic to discuss because personally, I am very interested in mathematics curriculum and instruction; and I am constantly searching for how I can create the most meaningful, relevant educational experience for my learners. In terms of mathematics, I see an increasing necessity to focus upon money management, economics (which are truly not fundamental focuses of the current U.S. Common Core), unit conversions, and inquiry/proof based problem solving.  Outside individual curriculum, I believe we must all seek to increase the incorporation of technology and collaboration whenever possible!


I would love to hear all of your ideas in this regard:

How do we prepare students for a global economy in the curriculum we select?

What/where do you teach?

Thank you so much for your time and I eagerly await your response,

Shannon Leasure

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How about doing an international connection...I have a number of international schools that would love to connect and share a project with you.


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