Request for reccos for educators on HOW to teach global literacy and have meaningful school partnerships


This summer I am writing an informal resource manual for my colleagues about global education. Over this last year I have been listening to my cohort express their insecurities about how to make meaningful connections in the classroom with our partnership school in Samburu, Kenya. Although a full scope and sequence has been written to integrate cultural learning, many of my peers are looking for support in knowing how to talk to their students about a community very, very different from their own. The "who, what and where" has been well explored in the syllabus but folks just don't feel comfortable with what they know as the "how". 

In short I am creating a base of resources in support of global literacy and cultural sensitivity for faculty (Lower School primarily) that includes:

- Texts for individual and shared reading

- Reviews of curricula and programming currently in practice in schools country wide

- A list potential speakers for PD workshops at Packer

- Connections to local schools to exchange ideas and troubleshoot strategies (perhaps creating a support network here in NYC)

I would be deeply, truly, really grateful for any suggestions anyone may have for me. I am a diligent researcher (and actually LIKE to do the sleuthing), but nothing compares to having recommendations from the global ed community. 



PS: FYI - I teach in an independent school in NYC.

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Hi Liz--

Your best bet if you want a response to your request would be to have a look at all of the "groups" from the categories above, and try to connect with others in the primary and lower school bailiwick and your other specific areas of interest.

Best of luck to you--your resource manual sounds like a most worthy endeavor. The "how" that you mention is a dilemma for many.


Great advice - thank you!


Hi Liz -

Have you browsed through this community's Diigo group to find resources? Here's the link: I also would recommend following the hashtags #globaled and #globaled13 on Twitter. Also, our conference archives contain over 1200 sessions from our previous online conferences that are still accessible (see the front page of our community or look under ARCHIVES in the navigation bar. 

This is a network of NYC orgs and schools: and here is a Google Site I've used with previous workshops: You also might want to look at Homa Tavengar's work: She's a member here and you can contact her through her profile if needed.

Hope that helps,

Lucy Gray

GEC Co-Chair and Network Founder 

Lucy - 

Thank you for your suggestions. I have put Homa Tavenger's book "Growing up Global" is on our division wide reading list. Her TED talk is also fantastic and is the perfect teaser for those wishing to dip their toes in the water.

I will check out the GECNYC site and explore the Diigo group this week. I feel like I hit the gold mine putting this post out there to the community!



You should also look at the Asia Society's Partnership for Global Learning... they have a conference very summer in Brooklyn. Here's an ebook that they've published on global competency:

Hi Liz,

I have a few suggestions of places to look:

Global Virtual Classroom:

GVC Clubhouse:

HelloLittleWorldSkypers (using Skype & Google Hangouts)

On G+ check out the group: Mystery Locations to begin making connections.

Global Classroom:

Feel free to contact me anytime: 

I'm project manager for the Global Virtual Classroom


I truly appreciate the time you spent penning me such a thoughtful reply. I will check out these sites and perhaps drop you a line in the next month.




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