Ideas to Get More Schools to Sign Up for the Connect All Schools by 2016 Initiative

I am interested in gathering your ideas as to how we might encourage  more schools to post their international partnerships at

The campaign to connect all schools by 2016 started by Ed Gragert is picking up pace but we need far more sign ups to reach our goal!

Laurence Peters



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It's been mentioned on this Ning several times... in email blasts and in a discussion forum post. I also believe people have bookmarked it to delicious using the globaleducation tag. I also promote it when I do workshops... just did one today and educators were very interested. 


In my travels, I'm running into many, many teachers who are are still isolated in their schools. Connecting online is not a part of the culture at their schools. Thus, I think traditional routes of getting the word out may be more effective. iEARN should probably contact state depts of education for help in dissemination, and I wouldn't be surprised if they hadn't done this already.

Dr. Peters,


I am currently working to build a non-profit website that will effectively facilitate classroom collaboration and will greatly benefit the 2016 initiative. As we are still in the planning and development phase of this web-site, I would rather not post any information here. 


If you would like to further discuss how the website will help the initiative please e-mail me at:


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