Hi, We are a middle school located about 30 miles outside of New York City looking for partners to explore similarities and differences of cultures and regions. We are researching and reaching out to different communities around the world (including the USA) looking through the eyes of the social scientist. Please contact us if you would like to connect your class with ours. Thank you.

Eleanor Schuster



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Hi Eleanor,


I don't teach at the moment and I dont have a class to go on a conference with you. But you are welcome to contact me for any colloboration on Indian culture that I can help you with on my own.





Thank you, Jaya. I will pass this information along to my co-teacher. I appreciate your response.


Hello.  My name is Genevieve Murphy and I am currently teaching first and second grade at an international school in Taiwan.  We would be interested in connecting with your class.  I have a small class (8 students) of different backgrounds.  What grade do you teach?  Please contact me with more details. 

Hi Genevieve,

We will contact you after the holidays, however, we are a grade 6 class and we are looking for a middle school level. I will pass your information onto the elementary schools in our district. Thanks! Eleanor


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