I'm looking for a high school, either international or domestic, that would be our potential long-term language partner to chat about daily life to special events like the Hispanic Heritage Month in Spanish. 

Currently, I'm teaching level 1 (beginner) to level 2 (advanced beginner) Spanish classes. It'd be great if we could collaborate!



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Hi, Elisha!
I teach in Harrisburg, SD and I would love to do this!!! What kind of things are you thinking about? I teach just Spanish I, but I can see if the other Spanish teacher (Spanish 2 and 3) is interested as well. This sounds awesome! Where do you teach?
Hi, Katie!

I teach in Chestnut Hill, MA. Basically, what I want to do is provide some sort of structure that is communication-oriented that will help our students see the practical aspect of learning a language. If this could be done on a regular basis, that'd be great. As far as topics, it could be something they've learned that week, or we could designate something for them. What are your thoughts?

Hi, Elisha!
That sounds great! I think a weekly or every other week conversation would be great! Do you use a textbook? What are you guys currently studying? Do all of your students have a computer with skype? What class hours are you thinking? We could develop some sort of rubric we could grade the students on for each conversation. Right now in one of my classes I am skyping with a former student who now is studying in the Dominican Republic. It is pretty cool!
Hi, Katie,

Weekly or every other week sounds great. We should Descubre 1, and all the kids have their own laptop in class. I'm not sure if they all have skype, but we can download it.

Here are our hours:
Mon - 9:35 - 11:40
Tues - 10:40 - 11:40
Wed - 8:00 - 9:00
Thu - 1:15 - 2:15
Fri - 2:25 - 3:25 (Not class time, but certainly could use this period.)

I know a student who is studying abroad; that's a great idea. We actually have not started with new material yet (beginning of the year schedule thing). Next week, we'll be covering - the alphabet, present tense of Ser, and numbers. What about you guys?


Here's my email by the way - echo@bcdschool.org. It might be easier to communicate via email...
Hi Elisha!
I'm and English teacher in Barcelona, Spain and I'm also looking for partners to chat as well with English speaking students.

Are you still doing it?


Hi Elisha,

I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina and I`d like to organize something with your classrooms.

Please, let me know your ideas so we can organize it.

My email is silvhenriksen@gmail.com


Best Regards



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