I am the English ESL teacher for my small private high
school in, Japan , in the rural side of the country. 
We are surrounded by nature and about an hour from any big famous
cities like Osaka or kyoto, I would like my students have  a
cultural exchange and so I am writing this letter to you .
I have roughly 20-10 students in high school

grade 1 grade 2 and grade3

that I would like to start penpal-ing with.
They are beginner to beginner intermediate students

so please understand their
levels might be alittle low

But they are quite thoughtful and considerate kids, and they really love interacting with new things.
Some students  roughly, around 5  students, I will be supervising for a more intensive Language exchange program,
I hope to attach their letters in jpg form, and exchange photos, voice
message for my students with your students( skype ) or even do some
snail mail exchanges
This is my first time to start a penpal system but I hope we can
assist each other, and we as teachers , can provide the best program for our students.
please email me any questions

Mike T.

mikekty /at/ gmail /dot/com

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Hi Mike,

I have just had visitors to our school from Japan. They were part of the Japanese Swimming Team. I would love to help connect your students. My students are just on holidays for two weeks which will give us time to organize what we need to do. My class have an international blog that I would encourage your students to interact with. Students from Taiwan comment in their own native language they just love interacting with my students. If you go to http://56jclassroom.wordpress.com you will find lots of great photos and images that we use to connect my students thinking to the world. I see language as no barrier but through my students interactions and as pen pals we will also engage your students in the English language so they can practice.

Anything I can do to foster a valuable educational relationship between our students I am happy to help with.

My email is joyce.bronwyn.b@edumail.vic.gov.au please contact me anytime.

Kind regards

Bronwyn Joyce
Liddiard Rd Primary School Traralgon, Australia

Hi Mike,

You mentioned Grade 1, 2, and 3.  I teach 4th grade (9-10 year olds) in Kansas, USA.

If you're interested in our classes or know of a class that wants to connect, let me know please.



Jan Wells

@janwells (Twitter)

mrs.wells4 (Skype0

Jan I have teachers at my school that teach Grade 4 or even our grade 5 teachers would be interested I'm sure. If you were interested in connecting with pen pals in Australia


Oh yes, absolutely! Here is my email janwells4@gmail.com. Please give it to them and/or send me there I formation. Thanks for your help!

Dear Jan,

   My students would be  10, 11 and 12th graders in the western educational system.  

In japan, like the states, are separated in to 3 levels but high school consists of 3 years.

I was looking at their entrance exam today, but their level is quite low, considering and

easy conversations with upper middleschoolers may also be a good exchange for them ?

But I am not sure if their interests would match.

Dear Mike,

I am also interested to make pen pals... If interested so please contact at mehrinrehman@gmail.com





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